We’ve Been Hard at Work...

The City of Fresno has been working to prepare a final draft of the Master Plan and developing an Implementation Strategy that helps turn the vision of the Fresno Station District into reality! Part of this work has been working to coordinate the Fresno Station District Master Plan with the Fulton Corridor Specific Plan and associated Environmental Impact Report (anticipated for Fall 2017).

The City has been coordinating with the California High-Speed Rail Authority to ensure that the Fresno Station District Master Plan is closely integrated into the overall high-speed rail system. The Master Plan is also being refined to address access and mobility options to allow people from throughout Fresno to get to the Fresno Station District and ride High-Speed Rail.

In addition, we have considered the comments that were shared by you in March 2015 and October 2015, and look forward to hearing your feedback on the draft Master Plan and Implementation Strategy. Click here for more information about the Fresno Station District, and the Master Plan development process and timeline.

News Update: Changes to High-Speed Rail Route are Good News for the Fresno Station District!

In April 2017, the CHSRA Board made changes in the Initial Operating Segment for California High-Speed Rail—which is good news for Fresno because it will help connect the growing economy in Downtown Fresno with the thriving San Jose and Silicon Valley tech industry. The changes were approved by the CHSRA as part of the Draft 2016 Business Plan on April 28th. The Draft 2016 Business Plan recommendations will bring service online to Merced and Fresno simultaneously and connect both to San Jose by 2024, with operations beginning in 2025.

Share Your Ideas:

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What is the Fresno Station District?

The Fresno Station District is centered around the ¼ mile radius (or 5-minute walk zone) of the planned HSR station and encompasses roughly 200 acres of land in Downtown Fresno.

Fresno Station District

Why plan for the Fresno Station District?

  • To leverage the investment of the future HSR station and position Fresno for success.
  • To fuel economic development and revitalize Downtown Fresno into a vibrant destination for residents, workers, and visitors.
  • To ensure even attention and investments for neighborhoods on both sides of the tracks.
  • To build on recent accomplishments and support the City’s vision and plans for Downtown Fresno:
    • Fulton Corridor Reconstruction Project
    • Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan Update
    • Downtown Development Code Update
    • General Plan Update
    • Fresno Area Express Bus Rapid Transit improvements
    • Ongoing Downtown revitalization
  • To serve as an exemplary model that others will follow as the first HSR station in the nation.