What is the Fresno Station District?

The Fresno Station District is centered around the ¼ mile radius (or 5-minute walk zone) of the planned HSR station and encompasses roughly 200 acres of land in Downtown Fresno.

Why plan for the Fresno Station District?

To leverage the investment of the future HSR station and position Fresno for success.

To fuel economic development and revitalize Downtown Fresno into a vibrant destination for residents, workers, and visitors.

To ensure even attention and investments for neighborhoods on both sides of the tracks.

To build on recent accomplishments and support the City’s vision and plans for Downtown Fresno:

  • Fulton Corridor Reconstruction Project
  • Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan Update
  • Downtown Development Code Update
  • General Plan Update
  • Fresno Area Express Bus Rapid Transit improvements
  • Ongoing Downtown revitalization

To serve as an exemplary model that others will follow as the first HSR Station District in the nation.

Land Use Plans Adopted & Environmentally Cleared!

Since March 2015, the City of Fresno has been preparing the Fresno Station District Master Plan. The final Plan incorporates feedback from the public gathered at two public events and submitted directly to the City, and to the project website.

In 2016, the City of Fresno formally adopted elements of the Station District Master Plan into the Fulton Corridor Specific Plan - a City policy document that establishes predictable and clear regulations that help reduce development costs and alleviate uncertainty, making good projects easier to build in Downtown Fresno.

The Fresno Station District is Developer-Ready!

Illustrative map of the Station District at Full Build-Out.

The Fresno Station District Master Plan provides an implementable vision for continued downtown revitalization that capitalizes on the investment made by the CHSRA for the HSR station.