About the Fresno Station District Master Plan

A master plan has been developed to provide a vision for the Fresno Station District that builds on and supports the City’s vision and plans for downtown Fresno, while leveraging the investment in the future high-speed rail station. This is an opportunity to revitalize downtown Fresno into a vibrant destination for residents and visitors. As Fresno will have the first high-speed rail station in the nation, it has the unique opportunity to serve as an exemplary model for others that will follow.

The master plan was developed in 3 phases: 1) Analysis and Visioning (March 2015), 2) Development of Alternatives (October 2015) and 3) Final Plan / Implementation Strategy.

A Visioning Workshop and walking tour were held on March 24, 2015 to kick-off the public involvement program for the project. An Open House was then held on October 14, 2015 to present alternative scenarios for development in the Fresno Station District. Finally, on November 1, 2018, an Open House was held to unveil the final Master Plan to the public.

Why is the Station District important to Fresno?

  • It is Fresno’s “front door.” This will be a visitor’s first impression of Fresno and it needs an elevated sense of place and arrival.
  • It is Fresno’s birthplace. It is home to some of Fresno’s oldest neighborhoods and the foundation for the stories that shaped our history.
  • It will fuel Downtown Fresno’s ongoing resurgence. It will bring visitors and activity to Downtown and fuel economic development.
  • It will provide a new “postcard image” for the city that will be recognizable by visitors around the nation and the world.

How has rail shaped Fresno?

Fresno’s first railroad depot, the Southern Pacific Train Depot, on Tulare St, built in 1872, marks the city’s birthplace. The rail alignment has provided the framework for the development of Fresno’s urban core. In fact, the downtown streets of most Central Valley cities have aligned themselves to the rail corridor. Rail has left a lasting imprint on each of these cities and their relationship with rail is at the heart of their identities.

Master Plan Process

Stay-tuned for details about the final stakeholder/community open house!